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Iron Range, Kitchener BC

Come and join the crew, you are well come to where gloves



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Team Work - Work Team
March 04

A pair of nowegian horses

3L test pumping, October 04

We have a well and plenty of water :-)

3. Community place clean up 24.04.04

Move trees and braches with winch and robe.

At Jumbo
1. Volunteers
2. Freiwillige Helfer

Clean up crew

5. Community place clean up 24. 04.04
1. This was the beginning
2. Das war der Anfang

Volanteers worked and stick together :-)

6. Community Work 24.04.2004

Big and small machines helped to do the clean up

7. Community 24.04.04, Tree transplant the tree, he dit'nt made it :-(
Der Baum hat das Verpflanzen nicht ueberlebt:-)

Not only a fish will die without waterfrown