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Iron Range, Kitchener BC

1. Top 3 Picture: The Valley east of Kitchener.
2. Die oberen 3 Bilder: Das Tal oestlich von Kitchener.


1. Imagine, you are standing here.

2. Kannst Dir vorstellen, das du hier stehst.

1. Hiking path up to Mt. Kitchener.

2. Aufstieg zum Mt. Kitchener.

A walk with snow shoes all the way up to 1786m

1. Tree with a coat.

2. Baum mit einem Mantel.


1. Almost on top.

2. Beinahe oben.

Top 3 Pictures Febr.04.2004

Pipe dream :-)

All Pictures below are Kitchener Community related 24.04.04 

We loove this tree

1. Transplant

2. Umpflanzen

A lot was done by friendly helping Hand's

This is for fire wood onlylaughing

This is will be the place for the new Kitchener Community and Fire Hall

This was 2004, what comes next?